Horsemanship Clinics

The Stanley’s have been hosting Horsemanship clinics since 1995. This year 2019 they are proud to host three amazing trainers/clinicians.


Horsemanship Clinics, Shuswap, Southwind Ranch

Josh Nichol “A Horsemans Pursuit”

Many of you may remember Josh has been coming to Southwind for many years. You may also recognize him as a featured trainer in the publication Horse Canada.

Clinic Date: September 24-27 2019



Brooke Rempel “The Heart of Horsemanship “

Southwind Ranch Horse Clinic Tappen, BC, Shuswap

This will be the fourth year Brooke has brought her fabulous teaching style  to Southwind. This year we have a series of clinics starting in May till August.

Clinic dates :

May 17-19


July 12-14

Aug 23-25


Miles Kingdon

This is our first time hosting Miles. This clinic is sponsored by the Shuswap chapter of Back Country Horseman. Riders must be a BCH member to ride in this clinic. No membership requirements for auditors.

Clinc date:

June 16

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